Sidhi Infotech provides world-class, global RPO solutions tailored to meet your talent and business goals.

You understand quality talent is the key to success. We understand what it takes to deliver the very best.

Many people see recruitment outsourcing as a cookie-cutter approach to talent acquisition that delivers mixed results. But Sidhi infotech saw beyond traditional, outdated approaches long ago and has since been boldly changing the way the world views talent – one talent partnership at a time.

With Sidhi infotech, you can forget standard definitions of “recruitment outsourcing.” For us, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means: partnering with an expert to design and execute a customized process in order to deliver exceptional business results. Working together collaboratively and seamlessly, we will transform your organization’s approach to talent acquisition and talent management.

Our dedicated recruitment teams are made up of proactive and passionate talent experts – individuals who are committed to finding the talent you need. Embedded within your internal team and backed by the industry’s most advanced, integrated technology platforms,  We work as one coordinated unit to instil necessary change and strengthen your strategic advantage.

Enterprise RPO


From tactical to strategic, status quo to market leader, sufficient to proficient—this is what you can expect from an end-to-end Enterprise RPO partnership with Sidhi infotech. We embed a dedicated, industry-seasoned recruitment team within your organization to tailor a solution that matches your unique business and talent goals.

We don’t believe in outsourcing; we believe in becoming your partner. Wholly accountable, dependable and responsible, your goals are our goals, and we work with you as one integrated unit to elevate your talent recruitment function. We go beyond only promising to meet your expected recruitment goals—we ensure that the talent you acquire becomes a definitive business advantage.

Sidhi Infotech is a global RPO provider, but we have unmatched local and region-specific expertise. As we’ve grown into the worldwide leader, our entrepreneurial and personal approach to talent acquisition and management will forever remain embedded in our DNA.